Software Area
Accessories Area
Photovoltaic Area

Software Area

UPSmon 5      

UPSmon is a multiplatform client-server software that enables remote monitoring of the UPS with SNMP, HTTP, and UDP.


PowerNETGuard is a snmp manager compatible with RFC 1628, the world wide standard for UPS monitoring.


UPSTools enables enhanced operation and configuration.


ATSTools enables enhanced operation and configuration for ATS.

Accessories Area

NetMan 101/102 plus       

Ethernet network adapter for UPS monitoring and control.

NetMan 202 plus

Ethernet network adapter for UPS monitoring and control with SNMPv3.

Environmental Sensors 

Sensors to be connected to NetMan Plus for monitoring temperature and humidity and for management of digital I/O.

Multi Panel

Display for monitoring UPS from distance.

MultiCOM 301/302

Protocol converter for UPS monitoring and control.

MultiCOM 351/352

Serial duplexer for UPS monitoring and control.

Multi I/O

Remote I/O expander and protocol converter.

MultiCOM 401 

Profibus DP Gateway for UPS management and monitoring through the most popular industrial fieldbus.

Intelligent Redundant Multi Switch
Dual powered automatic switch with 8 output sockets.


IRMSTools enables local and remote monitoring for IRMS.

Photovoltaic Area


SunVision is a monitoring software for Photovoltaic inverter.